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Sase’s first post is about the Walcott/ Naipaul dust-up and “The Mongoose.”

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The subject of Walcott's poem, V.S. Naipaul, has also received the Nobel Prize for literature and is also a brilliant writer. There is much to admire in Naipaul’s prose and I am sure I will return to it, too, in the future, that it will be a source of inspiration to me as it has been in the past. We are fortunate to inhabit the time and literary space of these two gifted writers. Mind you, one tries to concentrate on the works not the lives...and yet..."The Mongoose" is a poem which makes you think about the mortality of lives, the scent of goodbyes. Where do you leave behind those you once admired? In a recent biography, in a poem that compels you to look back at the peculiar Black-on-Indian racism of a certain time and place? For those of the West Indies who are not Indians, who were around that time and who were silent, perhaps, this is an opportunity for “redemption”...

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