Three Little Birds?

This may not be "Three Little Birds," but give thanks to the mother dove and her fledgling who blessed my Sunday morning by taking shelter from the Miami cold spell* in my home.

*54 degrees Fahrenheit. Hey, for us that's a State of Emergency



Jdid said…
54 and we smiling up here :-)
Oonu get tough to the cowl, bra!
how lovely that they chose to shelter in your home!
It was great to open the door and see them huddled under the table.
Tilly Bummie said…
Love the picture of the doves. A reminder that amidst all the concrete and pollution that we create, other creatures are trying to make it too.

So I was actually in Miami for the last week. On Sunday, we went to South Beach and decided to rent a couple beach chairs. The woman in the booth, wearing a turban, a sweater over a sweatshirt, more than one pair of pants, and wrapped in a couple towels, took one look at me and my partner and said with utter disbelief "y'all MUST be from up north." We just laughed. She shook her head every time we showed up for the next five days, laid out on the sand, and even went into the water. It's all relative, yes.
Dear Tilly Bummie,

Thanks for passing through and leaving a comment.

Yes, it's all relative...


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