Anancy in Hollywood: Launch of Grandpa Sydney's Anancy Stories

Grandpa Sydney's Anancy StoriesThe launch of Grandpa Sydney's Anancy Stories at Kara's Jamaican & Chinese Restaurant was one of the most fulfilling events in my life, and I think it had at lot to do with the children. I made a great connection with the kids. It was unlike any other reading that I've given because kids either love you or hate you. In this case (thankfully), they liked the story of Grandpa Sydney and Jimmy.

Give thanks to Kara's for opening the doors, Xavier Murphy of and Cathy Kleinhans of Jamroppo for organizing/promoting the event, Johnny Temple of Akashic Books for donating the books, Brittany Murphy for her poetry recital, and Norma Darby and the Jamaica Folk Revue for the wonderful music.

Give thanks also to my friends Marva McClean, Kyra Hicks, Rethabile Masilo, and Stephen Bess for helping to spread the word.

It was a great vibe. Here are some pictures from the bookgiveaway:

Caribbean-American Heritage Month

Candice won The Girl with the Golden Shoes by Colin Channer

Caribbean-American Heritage Month

Valrie won The Lunatic by Anthony Winkler

Caribbean-American Heritage Month

Doreen won She's Gone by Kwame Dawes

Caribbean-American Heritage Month

Gabby won Dog War by Anthony Winkler

Caribbean-American Heritage Month

For more photos of the event, please follow this link: Launch of Grandpa Sydney's Anancy Stories @ Kara's


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Tobias S. Buckell is a Caribbean-born speculative fiction writer who grew up in Grenada, the British Virgin Islands, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. He has published stories in various magazines and anthologies. His first novel, Crystal Rain, came out from Tor Books in 2006. His second novel, Ragamuffin, is out now.


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Stephen Bess said…
Great photos! I'm sure it was a lot of fun. I was there in spirit. Thanks again, Geoffrey. Peace~
Stephen, I could feel the vibes!

Jdid said…
you like you only giving away books so you can hug up all the nice ladies :-)

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