October 21, 2021

New Book: Marcus Teaches Us


Marcus Garvey

On October 21, 2021, Dr. Eleanor Wint, a retired professor of Social Work, recognized for her experience and contribution to development in Africa and the Caribbean, teams up with Annu Yah Kadhi Stewart, an avid reader of Marcus Garvey, to release the third edition of Marcus Teaches Us.  

Born in Jamaica, Marcus Garvey rose from humble origins to lead the largest mass movement of “Africans at home and abroad.” A gifted public speaker and writer, Garvey used his pen and oratorical gifts to liberate his people from the effects of slavery and colonialism.

Simplified for kids 6-9 years old, Marcus Teaches Us weaves the subtle message that Black people should strive to become self-reliant entrepreneurs and economic leaders. The third edition of Marcus Teaches Us also includes two special lessons from Marcus Garvey’s Course on African Philosophy, and encourages kids to have pride in themselves with respect and love for others.  

Beautifully illustrated with many activities and downloads, Marcus Teaches Us reminds children of other great Black heroes, heroines, and influencers and is available from Amazon as a paperback and ebook.

We encourage families to get a hold of the paperback to promote a sense of ownership that supports self-worth and self-identification with the content for the child. 

Get your copy today! https://www.amazon.com/Marcus-Teaches-Us-Simplified-years/dp/1777561043/ 


About the Authors

Dr. Eleanor Wint, former Head of the Social Work Unit, UWI Mona and Head of Community Empowerment Unit, then the University of Natal S.A., resides in Canada. She uses her blog and publications to bring home the message of self-empowerment to parents and children. She has five publications in the area to date, with Marcus Teaches Us (3) being the latest. Her writing is rooted in her life experiences (USA, Canada, Africa, and the Caribbean), working with families and children in their different cultures.

Nine-year-old Annu Yah Kadhi Stewart, a native of Jamaica, is still in school. He is a valuable outspoken proponent of Marcus Garvey. He uses his own YouTube channel, “Star Seed Annu Talks,” to share how he sees this way of thinking should become a way of life. ‘Annu’ means…sent from heaven, and ‘Yah Kadhi’ means…courageous. A true Garveyite.

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