September 15, 2021

One Minute Book Review: Rastafari in The 21st Century


I Jabulani Tafari

Name of the book: Rastafari in The 21st Century: What Life Has Taught I&I Volume One: Tribute To The Rastafari Elders

Authors: Priest Douglas Smith and I. Jabulani Tafari (I&I)

Publisher: Copyright © 2021 Douglas Smith & I. Jabulani Tafari

What's the book about?

Volume One of "Rastafari In The 21st Century: What Life Has Taught I&I" contains the previously unwritten history of the First Generation of Rastafari Elders. Today, many of that First Generation of Rastafari Elders are transitioning on to become Ancestors, and as they do so, their colorful and important life stories are already starting to fade from the collective memory of the people of Jamaica and the world. This thought-provoking volume was written by authors Priest Douglas Smith and Ras I. Jabulani Tafari as a literary tribute, lest the world forget to highlight and honor those Rastafari Elders who sacrificed everything and endured so much with so little in order to establish a new Cultural Tradition and Way of Life.

The graphic and colorful biographies of the individual Rastafari Patriarchs and Matriarchs included in this well-illustrated literary Tribute to the Elders provide a panoramic, comprehensive, and illuminating insight into the cultural mindset and political worldview of the original Rastafari disciples. The unique and revealing biographies of the selected Rastafari Elders also provide mind-boggling and eye-opening accounts of the harrowing and dangerous life experiences of the once publicly despised, collectively ostracized, and socially rejected Rastafari activists.

Why am I reading this book?

Rastafari's African-centered way of life, their spiritual grounding in the history and culture of Jamaica and Africa, and their unrelenting calls for social justice, including the exoneration of Marcus Mosiah Garvey, have made them the conscience of Jamaica.

Quote from the Book:

"From its genesis in Jamaica, Rastafari has been both a Resistance Movement with an African (Black) Liberation Ideology, as well as a Spiritual (Religious) Movement with a Black Liberation Theology. The colorful individual biographies of the fifteen Rastafari Patriarchs and seven Matriarchs highlighted in this Tribute to the Elders have provided a comprehensive insight into the political worldview and cultural mindset of the foundation Rastafari pioneers."


Where to buy:


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For the paperback version, the authors will mail them a copy directly if readers Zelle $33 to and email their name, street address, and telephone to the same address.


About the Authors:


Priest Douglas Smith
 (L.R. Priest Douglas Smith, I. Jabulani Tafari)
Courtesy Gail Zucker Photography


Priest Douglas Smith was born in and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. Currently, he is a leading Priest and a founding member of the Miami, Florida branch of the Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress. In addition, he is the President of the Rootz Foundation Inc., a Florida-based non-profit organization. Priest Douggie is also the author of the book The Philosophy & Opinions of the High Priest, a literary tribute to Bobo Ashanti founder King Emmanuel Charles Edwards.

I. Jabulani Tafari is a multimedia journalist, graphic artist, and managing editor of the Rootz Reggae & Kulcha Magazine. Tafari's cultural approach to multimedia communications has earned him many accolades and awards over the years. He received the Ranny Williams Prize for Cultural Interest in 1981, becoming the first Rastafarian Journalist ever to win a national award from the Press Association of Jamaica. In addition, Tafari was named 'Reggae Journalist of the Year' (1984) by Rockers Magazine for his outstanding use of the broadcast and print media to promote Reggae music during the early 1980s.