March 3, 2014

The Institute of Caribbean Studies: Book Festival

The Institute of Caribbean Studies is having its annual Book Festival in celebration of Caribbean American Heritage Month, in June. We have fought very hard in order to have this month to acknowledge the influence of Caribbean culture on an international scale. As writers, we know how difficult it is to get our work recognized, and as authors of work influenced by the Caribbean it is that much harder. This Festival seeks to share and celebrate the work of upcoming Caribbean writers, as well as established ones. It will be a platform for us to support each others' work and to highlight the influence we have had on other cultures.

We are seeking submissions of literature, fiction or non-fiction, from anyone who wants to be a part of this celebration. Caribbean writers have a unique voice and ICS would like to highlight the great stories and poetry that reflect those roots. In honour of Caribbean American Heritage Month, we would like to focus on integration of Caribbean nationals into foreign cultures, so our theme this year will be: Losing and Rediscovering Caribbean Identity Abroad. 

Applications are due by April 13. Five pieces will be chosen for showcasing on our website and at our book reading on June 11 at the PORTICO Book Store in Washington, D.C. You may submit two poems or one short story. The short story should be no more than 3,000 words, and the poem no more than 500 words each. The author should also include a short bio with their submission.  

All submissions or questions should be sent to Shanza Lewis at

You may view the events for June on our website: 

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