January 22, 2013

The Lie Continues...

Whether it's Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. saying "somebody told a lie oneday," or Colin Powell speaking about the "dark vein of intolerance," the venomous racism, which began when the first African bound by chains stepped on the wet sand of the Americas, continues to poison us.

And although some believe that we've suddenly become post-racial because there's a Black family in the White House--I, too, would love to believe this--there's much work to be done as Dr. King suggested until people of African descent "sign their own Emancipation Proclamation."

But how do we, as Dr. King further advised, "Reach down as into the inner resources of our soul?"

The answer as I have advocated has always been by educating ourselves in the work of our ancestors such as Marcus Garvey, whose philosophy may be summed up in the phrase: "Self-help through education and economics."

For if racism is a poison, Marcus Garvey is the antidote.

If ever there was a time when Garvey's words were more apt, it is now: "Rise up ye mighty people."


We are petitioning President Barack Obama

and the US Congress

to exonerate the Right Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

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Speak Garvey Speak said...

Watched a man dig through a garbage can looking for scraps of food. The location was two blocks north of the White House. This occurred while inauguration revelers walked by amidst soldiers blocking 16th street. All of them did their best to pretend he was not there. Moments later realized the last few marchers in the inaugural parade were passing the White House. Did not see evidence of an advanced civilization.