April 20, 2012

Marley Movie Celebration

In celebration of the release of Marley: The Life, Music and Legacy of Bob Marley, directed by Kevin MacDonald, I will be reading from my e-book, Bob Marley and Bradford's iPod-- a story that is really about what Bob's life, work, and example meant to me--at Caribbean Fest at Barry University today.

After the reading, I'll probably won't make it to O Cinema, so I'll  head home and watch it on one of these channels:

 Movies (Search Titles)
 Movies, Music, & Games · Video On Demand (Search Titles)
 On Demand · Uverse Movies - All Movies
 Movies on Demand • Independent Films • Magnolia Pictures
 Channel 1 (On Demand) - Movies • New Releases (Search Titles)
 On Demand • Movies • Indies & Foreign - Magnolia Pictures
 On Demand • Top Picks • New Movies (Search Titles)
 On Demand • Movies • Just In (Search TItles)
 On Demand • Early Screening • In Theatres
 Channel 1000 and 1100 (On Demand) • Movies • (Search Titles)
 On Demand • Movies and More (Search Titles)
 Video • Playstation Store • Playstation Store • Studios • Magnolia Pictures (Search Titles)
 On Demand • Movies on Demand • Early Screening (Search Titles)
 On Demand • Featured (Search Titles)
 Now Playing • Now Playing • (Search Titles)
 Video Market Place • Zune • Featured (Search Titles)
 Video Market Place • Zune • Featured (Search Titles)
 Video Market Place • Zune • Featured (Search Titles)


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