July 7, 2011

A New Way of Thinking: Social Media

I woke up this morning to the true meaning of social media.

The online petition to exonerate Marcus Garvey, which began on May 28, 2011 now has over 900 signatures from all over the world, and Marcus and the Amazons, my children's e-book,  is now a #1 Hot New Release at Amazon.

This would not have been possible without social media. That means you, my friends, who have blogged, shared and tweeted for these two things to happen. Really and truly, I've learned that if "we"--whatever tribe or community to which you currently belong-- put our minds together through social media, we can accomplish great things.

It has also changed my ideas about how ideas will spread. In the past, I used to worry about those who wouldn't like my work, and I'd try to win them over. No more.

*"Wasted waters's all that is
And it don't make no flowers grow"

As of today, I am giving thanks for those who do support my work and moving with that "positive" vibe:

"Say you just can't live that negative way…/Make way for the positive day."~ Bob Marley

Even as I write this, I realize how much I have been living in that "negative way" without realizing it.

The "positive day" is here. No matter what happens after this, I am going to live in that "positive vibration." I am letting go of those who won't support me and moving with those who do.

What I'm also saying is that you, my friends, should do the same. Free yourself of the tyranny of the "good opinion" of "certain people."

That may even include me. Don't worry about that. Do it for yourself.

For as Brother Bob would say, "If ah so, ah so."


*"Just the two of us" by Bill Withers

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