May 14, 2010

Gathering of the Gods: Miami 2010

The six o’clock train, emissary of Ogun

whistles through West Dixie, the meandering

line that divides Miami, while my daughter

cruises through amber haze and I lisp

my entreaty to the orishas to keep her safe

from flying metal: SUVs that do not heed

Xango’s wrath nor Erzulie’s love, but hurl

through Eleggua’s X, ignorant of his plea

not for blood, but for the respect as the first

to speak in front of the infinite silence

of Olódùmarè who lives in the space

between box cars and kyries of eagles.


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Summer Edward said...

Meant to tell you that I dig the Adinkra symbols and what they add to your blog. I know the three on top...are the two on the side Adinkra symbols as well, or just decorations?

Geoffrey Philp said...

Give thanks, Summer. The two veves on the side are for Papa Legba.