December 8, 2009

2009 Top Ten Hits

The end of the year always brings opportunities to evaluate things that are important to us. As the old adage goes, “Whatever we value, we measure.”

For the past week, I have been reviewing the stats on my blog and I’ve been participating in several group write projects. This is part of a group write project @ Daily Blog Tips.

Using Google Analytics, I’ve compiled the 2009 Top Ten Hits—posts that received the most hits.

The results were surprising because they differed slightly from the posts that I considered to be the most important for other group write projects.

Here, then, are the 2009 Top Ten Hits:

10.       Remix Tonight: Does Jamaican Dancehall Music Incite Violence?

9.         The Commonwealth Short Story Competition

8.         Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Rastafari

7.         Am I a Writer? (Part Dos)

6.         2009 Short Story Competition

5.         Video: Dancehall Music and Jamaican Society: Which Influences the Other?

4.         Bad T'ings Mek Joke: Jamaican Humor

3.         Who's Your Daddy?: Gender Issues

2.         Master of the Tragicomic: Trevor D. Rhone (1940-2009)      

1.         Michael Jackson: Spirit Dancer

You’ll have to come back tomorrow (12/9/2009) and on Monday (12/14/2009) to find out my choices for my other group write projects @ Middle Zone Musings and Confident Writing.


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