November 15, 2007

Call for Papers: The Caribbean: Embracing the Diasporas Within and Without

Call for Papers and Panel Submissions

DEADLINE: December 12, 2007

The Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) hereby issues its formal call for papers for its XXXIII annual conference to be held in San Andres island, Colombia, from May 26-30, 2008. We invite papers on all aspects of the Caribbean and its diasporas, whether we are focusing on those that fall within the region, or those more traditionally constituted in the large metropolitan centers of non-Caribbean countries. The first may include, for example, the long-standing English-speaking populations in Spanish-speaking Caribbean countries such as Puerto Limon (Costa Rica), Colon (Panama), Bluefields (Nicaragua), or Baragua (Cuba), while the second may speak to the traditionally constituted Caribbean diasporas in New York, Toronto, or London.

The idea is to interrogate the historical and contemporary processes of migration (whether forced or voluntary) to the region, and later away from it, with a view to celebrating the Caribbean zeitgeist, and highlighting the role played by the diaspora both in spreading the culture and idea of the Caribbean abroad (second, third and later generations of migrants away from the region) and in nourishing political, economic, literary and cultural expression back in the homeland or home region. In all of this the links among geography, history, society, and identity are central.

We are seeking scholarly papers spanning the broadest disciplinary and
methodological range whose work focuses on all aspects of the Caribbean and its
diasporas. In this we include and encourage:

Contributions from professionals, those engaged in the formulation and implementation of public policy, and public and private sector administrators.

Papers that interrogate the theme of connections across the Circum-Caribbean and diasporas.

Papers that strive to enhance the preserve the rich cultures of the region.

Presentations from artists in film, music, and theatre.

Presentations and Panels from graduate students are very welcome.

While we consider individual papers, we strongly encourage submissions of
entire panel proposals with themes intended to provoke stimulating discussion
and debate.

Program Chair: Professor Dwaine E. Plaza (

Local Committee Chair: Professor Yusmidia Solano Suarez (

President: Professor Anton L. Allahar (

Conference Theme:

The Caribbean: Embracing the Diasporas Within and Without.

For more information on submitting individual paper and panel proposals please visit our website at


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