August 16, 2007

Reading: Marva McClean's Bridges to Memory

Marva McCleanEducator and author Dr. Marva McClean will discuss her book of poems, Bridges to Memory, on Wednesday, August 22, 2007 from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the South Regional/BCC Library, 7300 Pines Blvd., Pembroke Pines.

“The poems,” says the
author, are “rooted in the crucible of the Caribbean/African American Diaspora.” She says the work is intended to provoke readers to reflect on those personal and public experiences that have shaped developments in their lives and given voice to their identity.

“In the aftermath of slavery and the tumult of this post colonial era,” says McClean, “we are challenged to construct bridges to memory in search of our ancestral footprints, those mile markers to anchor us and assert our place in this New World. In excavating the past through poetry, I hope to unearth some of the intangible artifacts that will signify the future, not just for me, but for others from the Diaspora as well. “

A Jamaican born educator and writer, McClean researches and writes about issues of ancestral heredity and inherent tensions in the creative journey of a woman of color in the Americas. Her book is published by the Caribbean American Commentary Newspaper. For more information, please visit

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