February 28, 2007

Podcast of "An Evening With Malachi Smith"

Malachi SmithIt was a gathering of old and new friends who waited in anticipation for the premiere of the dub-u-mentary, Dub Poetry: The Life and Work of Malachi Smith. Mr. Ricardo Allicock, Consul-General to the Southern United States, Mervyn Morris, Oku Onoura, Jabulani Tafari, Tomlin Ellis, Donna Weir-Soley and many, many more came to honor our I-dren, Malachi. We were not disappointed.

The film traced the life of Malachi from his birth in Westmoreland to his emergence as a dub poet in Kingston and his growing influence in South Florida since he moved here fifteen years ago. Many of the interviewees focused on the seeming contradiction of Malachi's twin vocations as a police officer and poet, and there was a chilling moment in the video when he puts on his bulletproof vest, kisses his family goodbye, and gets in his Miami-Dade cruiser, "This is what I do every day."

Give thanks to Alicia A. Antone, Director, African-American Research Library and Cultural Center, Air Jamaica, and Reggae Concepts for hosting the event.

To view more photos, click on this link: Flickr photos of Malachi, et al

For a podcast of the event, click on this link: "An Evening With Malachi Smith."


Stephen A. Bess said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening. I'll have to check out the podcast when I get home. Peace~

Geoffrey Philp said...

It was and Malachi was in top form!