December 8, 2006

Podcast of Donna Weir-Soley @Miami Book Fair 2006

Donna Weir SoleyDonna Weir-Soley, author of First Rain, was born and grew up in Jamaica. She currently teaches at Florida International University. She is a poet and critic and has been widely published in journals such as Macomere, Caribbean Writer, Sage, The Carrier-Pidgin, Frontiers and in the anthology, Moving Beyond Boundaries. She was recently awarded a Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship for career enhancement.

Donna reads an excerpt from First Rain:

To listen to the entire program, follow this link:


Deborah Jack and several other artists showcased their work at the opening of "Rituals" at the Diaspora Vibe Gallery . For pictures and brief coverage of the event, please visit the Caribbean Beat Blog where I am a contributor:


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Anonymous said...

Thanks! The book arrived today. Wonderful reading.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Gald you liked itm eemaneee.