October 16, 2006

Which Six Bloggers Would You Like to Meet?

I’m borrowing and modifying a post by Darren Rowse, “Which Bloggers would You like to Meet?” He listed the first five that came to his head, but I’m going to do him one better by listing six. Take that, Darren!

The choice of the six was done quickly (with pen and paper) and then I worked on the post. So don’t feel no way if I didn’t list you here. My links really do show all the people whose blogs I’ve come across and found interesting. It’s a private blog, so I don’t have to put anyone in my links who I don’t like and you know who you are. Also, in the interest of full disclosure, there are a few bloggers I’ve already met such as, Nalo, Nicolette, Fragano, Marlon, Opal and Richard. I’m leaving some off the list because I’m not a great typist.

The MC for any blogger meeting would have to be Mad Bull --he’s done one before. He’s a kind of person who seems easy to get along with and have a few drinks. And watch the ladies. Of course, both of us are happily married, so we’d just have to look at them and lust in our hearts-the way Jimmy Carter did

Stephen Bess’s posts reveal a fascination with things and the people around him. And when that’s not enough, he goes out and finds more stuff. Stephen has a genuine curiosity about literature, music and history. And he loves food. All four are great with me.

Rethabile is passionate about his country and his posts demonstrate a devotion to place that I wish we all could emulate. He is also a fine poet and patriot. I wish him well in all his endeavors. Khotso, my brother.

Georgia Popplewell is one of those people who seem to be juggling 1,000, 001 things all at once and pulling it off. Whether she’s posting at Caribbean Beat or Caribbean Free Radio, she looks like she still knows how to have good, clean fun.

I really think eemanee is crazy, but I get along well with crazy women. If our Links and Favorites give a snapshot of our mind, then eemanee is crazy about literature and Barbados. 1 Love, sister.

Speaking of crazy women, Guyana Gyal is the Queen of crazy women. I mean that in the nicest way. Her stories about the ups and down of life are not only amusing, but reveal a sense of wonder about the world and along the way, she reveals a little wisdom.

I don’t know what these choices say about me, except that I like good company with a few drinks and talk about literature, life and some music. But you already knew that.

So tell me, who would you like to meet from your experience of blogging?


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neena maiya (guyana gyal) said...

Crazy? You don't know the half of it, Geoffrey. Wait 'til you meet my family. You should hear my mother laugh out loud just now.

Which six bloggers would I like to meet? All the Jamaican bloggers on my list, yes, all of you, MB, Gela, Kingston Girl...

That's more than six but who's counting?

I would also like to meet Nicholas Laughlin and Georgia from Trinidad.

And I would like to meet Andre, the Brit. blogger who's battled depression and does the most curious, amusing, interesting doodles. I'd like to meet some of the Brit. bloggers, Zoe, Mike. I'd like to meet Cream, the Algerian guy living in England.

And there are the bloggers in America, Hayden, Kat, and my fellow Guyanese.

You know what, I would like to meet you ALL. EVERYBODY.

I like people.

Geoffrey Philp said...

You know what, guyana-gyal, you're right.
To hell with the six bloggers rule.
Heaven is open for all who would enter. Fear not.
Tell, InI

Stephen A. Bess said...

it would be great to meet you too brother. You're talking about my favorite subjects in the world when you mention literature, music, history and food! If you throw in a Red Stripe I'll be ecstatic!

It would also be great to meet Rethabile, Nalo, Guyana-Gyal, and Professor Zero.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the very sweet mention, Geoffrey! I'm never good at narrowing things down like this -- I'm always stumped, for instance, when I'm asked to name a favourite book etc. But you and Guyana-Gyal are definitely on my long list, especially as I've interacted with both of you outside of the context of your blogs.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Red Stripe it is!


Geoffrey Philp said...

I'm glad I made the long list, Georgia.

Anonymous said...

I think we will meet. Don't ask me how or when, I don't know, but I think we will. And there we will share a beer, and another one, and we'll talk warmly about the things we blog about, love of family and of place. And there'll be food crackling on the flames, dancing to the ska.

And when we've met, I will know Jamaica and you will know Lesotho.

And Stephen will walk in and we'll start all over again and talk about not two, but three hearts and their souls. We will learn each other language and custom, and recite long and short poems with home-tinged accents. We will laugh at this and that.

And when we're done, we'll talk about blog brothaz and sistuhs who by God should have been there with us. We will stand up and plan another togetherness, and we will mean to keep it. And we will say, "So be it!"

Geoffrey Philp said...

Yes, yes. The virtual tribe must meet face-to-face.


Anonymous said...

would be nice to meet ALL the bloggers i read everyday, every single one of them in one spot at the same time. It would be madness!

Geoffrey Philp said...

But what a glorious madness!

Professor Zero said...

I've already met Georgia - and the Free Slave - and I knew Momo before she started blogging - and I'm going to meet the Changeseeker in April, or so she says; we spoke on the phone. And I met the Racial Realist in Port of Spain. And Atillah, of Rights Action T&T, and I said hello to Nicholas, also in POS.

I'm looking out especially for Stephen Bess, Guyana-Gyal, Philp, Moksha, and the G Bitch of New Orleans.

Geoffrey Philp said...

This is turning out to be a great party. May be could also invite Mestre Itoman, Baba Oberefun si Okojumide of Circulo de Estudos Umbandisticos, who gave me permission to use his design for the cover of xango music.

Professor Zero said...

But is Mestre Itoman a blogger? ;-)

Geoffrey Philp said...

Of the highest order--the real Internet!

Jdid said...

six bloggers i'd like to meet? dont think i could limit it to that few

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Geoffrey, didn't mean long list as opposed to short list! (Not that you took it that way). Just meant that my list is long. . . .

But before I dig myself any deeper -- just wanted to say that I'm at the party!

Geoffrey Philp said...

Georgia, I didn't take your comment any way badly at all. This was just supposed to start a discussion. As I said, all of my links are interesting people or else I wouldn't have put them there. I'm just thinking about the great communities that blogging is creating. Will this euphoria continue? I hope so. I hope we will evolve with it and continue to grow in joy.

1 Love,