May 12, 2006

Dub Poetry: The Life and Work of Malachi Smith

“Dub poetry is the voice of the people. The world look to Jamaica for positive uplifting music. We have been a voice for oppressed people all over the world."~ oku onoura, 2005

He was the boy who moved from place to place to find love. His skin was too dark. His nose too flat. He was called a “jacket.” The bastard son of a light skinned preacher, he became a policeman and poet. Dub poetry was his salvation.

Based on the life and poetry of Malachi - an exponent of the poetic genre emerging out of Kingston, Jamaica in the 70’s, this dub-u-mentary examines a voice of protest and revolution, addresses issues of crime and violence, love and women and the journey that shaped the life of this award winning poet with a lifelong career in law enforcement.

This complex film explores the contradictions of an artist whose career in law enforcement forms the basis for his most poignant poems.

Click here for an excerpt from the dub-u-mentary:

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