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Madie Ives Elementary

My wife works at Madie Ives Elementary, a Title 1 school. She has signed up for Donors Choose, a site that helps teachers fund materials/projects for their classroom by allowing donors to choose what they'd like to fund, and then the materials get shipped DIRECTLY to the school.

This year, she is teaching the EFL program, which is second language instruction, and the technology in her classroom sums up to this: she has three working computers, an overhead projector and a 24" inch tube TV that works some days, doesn't the rest of the week, for all of her 18 kids.

The school was built in 1954 and has never had any sort of technology overhaul. The dream is that we'll be able to get around to funding a Mimeo Board for her classroom one day, and level the playing field for her kids with the other schools in the area that DO have Smart Boards in ALL their classrooms. But for now, we are just really hoping that we can make this project a success and get her projector fully funded!

I know that times are rough for everyone, and I also hope that you know that I wouldn't be asking this if I didn't believe in it, but even if you can't donate, do you think you could post this to your Facebook/Social Media feeds, to see if anyone out there would like to?

$1, $5, $10... every little bit counts, and up to December 14, 2013, Disney will be matching donor contributions, dollar per dollar (up to the first $100) by donors using the code DISNEY at checkout.

Give to her classroom by December 14 and your donation will be doubled thanks to Disney. Just enter the code DISNEY on the payment page and you'll be matched dollar for dollar!



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