Book Review: Marcus and the Amazons @ Morphological Confetti

Stephen Bess writes a perceptive review of Marcus and the Amazons @ Morphological Confetti:

"Marcus and the Amazons explores the theme of oppression and the effects it has on the oppressed population, who have, in some ways, come to accept it as a way of life. The story focuses on the oppressed Formicas who are ruled by the larger and more numerous Amazons.

The protagonist of the story, Marcus, returns from the forest to save his captured love, Amy, and the lives of his fellow Formicas. However, Marcus is met with violent resistance from the mean Queen Victoria of the Amazons and her cruel crony, Captain Bull O’Grady. The story is universal. There are many examples in history where one group oppresses another. For instance, the captain of the Amazons, Bull O’Grady, brought to mind the openly racist commissioner of Birmingham, Alabama during the 1960s Civil Rights movement, Bull Connor. I also easily connected our hero, Marcus, to past heroes such as the American Civil Rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., former South African President, Nelson Mandela, and the National Jamaican hero, Samuel Sharpe."
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