New Film: The Island of Derek Walcott


Central to this documentary are two selected poems of Derek Walcott’s work. These poems are the guiding texts to Walcott’s thoughts and feelings about his life and his heritage as a Caribbean man. Firstly, there is the world famous poem entitled ‘Love after Love’. By focusing on this poem, we aim to be detailed on ‘the sense of belonging’ of the poet. It relates perfectly to our intentions of reflecting on the long life of our protagonist as an artist, twin brother, migrant, and island-child. The film will contain unique footage of Mr. Walcott in his personal ambience and showing us places that were meaningful for him growing up as the son of a single mother, after his father died at an early age. Secondly, a lesser known poem will take us to Amsterdam and the city of Delft in Holland where Walcott reflects on his ‘Dutch Heritage’.

About the Director

Ida Does, director of the documentary, is dedicated to Caribbean stories and fascinated by the history of this region. Mr. Walcott has proven that, being born on a tiny Caribbean island can be the starting point of tremendous achievements in literature and theatre. The aim will be to film him now, in the eve of his days, looking back on his struggles and work. Also aiming to explore his Dutch ancestors and what it means to him.

Sales/Screening Contact

Name: Ida Does
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