Olive Senior in Bermuda

I want to feel

though you own

the silver tea service

the communion plate

you don't own

the tropics anymore.

From: Meditation on Yellow

"I don't know enough about the situation in Bermuda to really comment on writing here," said Mrs. Senior. "I find it interesting how Bermudians define yourselves. 

"You are not necessarily Caribbean. You are between American and British culture.

"That is an interesting space for writers. You have a fascinating history. It is for the writers to help to define what you are.

"In Jamaica, writers were part of the whole postcolonial movement and defining the nation. This is probably where you are now." 

Mrs. Senior will be doing a reading and book signing in the Bermuda College between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. on March 18. The event will be sponsored, in part, by the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs.

Thanks, Rethabile!


Patty said…
Lovely quote, thanks for the Bermuda College tip!
Cindy said…
Wonderful blog-so peaceful.
Greetings, Patty & Cindy.

Welcome and thanks for the comments.


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