A Post-Inauguration Poem

All the lies have been laid to rest
The insults from childhood that would trigger
Bile in your stomach, rage that would linger

In your knuckles, creep up into your chest,
And made you think you couldn't hold on any longer...
All the lies have been laid to rest

But in your heart you always knew you were blessed
It gave you strength not to strike back in anger
At the screams, "You're nothing but a no count nigger!"
All the lies have been laid to rest



Rethabile said…
All the lies have indeed been laid to rest, right next to the hatchet and the noose.

Congratulations to you all.
nyvette1luv said…
very poignant,
I really like this poem!

peace, nyvette
nyvette1luv, glad you liked it!

Villager said…
Outstanding! May I have your permission to reprint on my blog (with a link back here of course!)

peace, Villager
Yes, Villager, yes. With pleasure!

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