A New Year Wish

A New Year Wish
Happy New Year!

This is my wish for your New Year
That as your eyes bless the morning light
Your heart will be filled with joyous delight

And you will no longer tremble in fear
Of want--the struggles and the fights.
This is my wish for your New Year

For all those whom you hold dear
That every wrong, every worry will be set aright
And you will put to rest your troubles tonight
This is my wish for your New Year


that's a lovely poem of thoughts for the new year, best wishes for 2009!
Dear Crafty,

Thank you and all the best for 2009!
FSJL said…
All the best for 2009.
Thank you, Fragano.

As you can see I have been reading your blog and was fascinated by the lyric form that you've used so many times.

Bless up,
FSJL said…
So I see. From one Geoffrey to another, at that, since the form was invented by a fellow named Chaucer.

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