Canopic Jar #22 is on the Virtual Bookshelf

Canopic JarRethabile Masilo and Phil Rice have put together another outstanding issue of Canopic Jar.

Click over and read the fine poetry & prose.
arleneAng, coreyMesler [from our archives], gabebaBaderoon, isobelDixon, johnMcCullough, kayMckenzieCooke, leeAnnPickrell, leeStern, matthewGillis, michelleMcgrane, myeshaJenkins, patrickSullivan, phillippaYaaDeVilliers, rethabileMasilo, roseDewyKnickers, ruthSabathRosenthal, santiagoDelDardanoTurann,
amandaLawrenceAuverigne, ashHibbert, billGreen, liamLeddy, pollyTuckett, rickNesSmith, tomSheehan [from our archives], williamAlexander,
didiMenendez, sarahHastyWilliams [from our archives].
We'd like to thank the artists, new and regular, and encourage you all to continue submitting. This issue is the first one to have a comment section. The idea is to see how we can communicate better and more artistically. The comment section is Facebook enabled, so logging on to comment can be done with FB username and password.

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Rethabile said…
Kea leboha!
Every time, my brother!
Michelle said…
Thank you for this, Mr Philip.
This was a pleasure, Michelle.

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