New Text on "Caribbean Cyberculture"

The Politics of Caribbean Cyberculture covers significant new ground, examining the impact and imprint of new leading technology on a range of popular expressions. This technology includes the Internet, the computer, the cell phone, television, and radio, among others. Some of the specific expressions and phenomena treated include: tourism, big budget films, sports, video games, entertainment culture, religious and gospel culture, mobile culture, popular music, writing and technology, and porn.

The work shows acute awareness of the wider global contexts--social, cultural, political, and spiritual--that form the backdrop for Caribbean cultural reconfiguration. Curwen Best argues that Caribbean culture has gone wireless, virtual, and simulated in the age of the machines.

The Politics of Caribbean Cyberculture by Curwen Best
From Palgrave Macmillan
Pub date: Jan 2008
260 pages
ISBN: 0-230-60376-9



Thanks for this. I'll definitely have to get a copy.
Esteban Agosto Reid said…
Should be an interesting read.I will inform my local library about it.They will purchase a copy,then I will be able to read it.Respect!!

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