Virtual Yardies: A Hypertext Novel

Virtual YardiesImagine a novel that takes place in cyberspace.

Now imagine a group of mainly Jamaican bloggers who have never met each other and they plan a meet-up in Negril and one of them is murdered. Then, they find out that the murderer, a Jamaican Cotton Mather, has plans to kill all of them to rid the island of "fornication, corruption, and battymanism."

This is the premise of my hypertext novel, Virtual Yardies, of which ten chapters are now available online.

Give thanks to Tobias, Nicholas, and Georgia for spreading the word about this first of its kind novel.

Click here for Virtual Yardies!


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Jamaican Dawta said…
Love the concept. I'm sure it'll be a hit.
Give thanks, Jamaican Dawta.
As they say in my neighborhood, "From your lips to God's ears!"
Dekkah, the great news it that I am now in serious negotiations with a publisher, so everything is on hold.

As soon as everything is completed I will make an announcement. In the meantime, sing an sankey and light a candle for me.

Dekkah has left a new comment on your post "A New Novel: Virtual Yardies":

Why don't you set it up that ppl at least the bloggers who know about it can choose to virtual purchase it, for a soft copy read. And organize to have their reviews posted too?

Maybe this will convince the publishers that there is more than a market for it.

It sounds like it might be an interesting read. Good Luck

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