Beauty Will Find A Way

Mexican petuniasWhile I was busy with holiday shopping, bureaucratic activities and teaching, little did I know that my Mexican petunia had been secretly planning to embarrass me. She had jumped from the garden, planted her feet on a crossbar in the fence, and then, squeezed herself between the crevices to show her petals shamelessly to passersby and for any errant bee to pollinate.

So, on Saturday when I caught a glimpse of her poking her head through the fence, my first thought was to chop off her stems and petals, pull her out by the root, and feed her to my next door neighbor's pet rabbit. After I had placed her in good soil with lots of sunlight and water, this was how she repaid me? Ungrateful wench!

But then, I went behind the fence and saw her persistence to escape the shadow of her more stately sisters, roses and azaleas, I realized that I needed to cherish and to capture, however momentarily, her beauty.


Give thanks to Dave Lucas for inviting me to write a guest post over at his site and to Jamaican Dawta for publishing one of my poems that was awarded a medal by the JCDC, "Warner Woman (For Edward Baugh).


Also check out "Honey Dripper" by Duane Francis (Rootzpoet) and while you're at it read Doris Lessing's, "A Hunger for Books." Thanks, Maud!


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