Palibra: A New Opportunity for Writers

Geoffrey PhilpFrom The BackList by Felicia Pride

Palibra is the evolution of our on-demand society - an online, digital forum where everyone can be an author and get paid. Only 99 cents to download your favorite material! An unheard-of 30% royalty rate for authors!

If you love to write and you love to read, Palibra's the place.

PUBLISH TODAY It's always free to sign up and post your work. Closet poet? Published writer promoting upcoming or experimental work? Unpublished writer ready to jump start your career?

Palibra's the place.

WRITERS WANTED A site for readers and writers needs... WRITING. Lots of it. All of it. If it can be written, it can be posted, it can be on Palibra. YOU are your own editor. Whatever you want to publish, now you CAN.

Palibra, a new publishing platform for writers, was started by author Edwardo Jackson and his partner Curtis Midkiff. Authors already down with Palibra: Lolita Files, Gloria Mallette Karen Quinones-Miller, Kenji Jasper, and...soon to be Felicia Pride!

Writers and readers alike WE NEED YOU! Go to today!

Post now, post often, and spread the word!


As part of my practice to put my word into action, I have posted a short story, "Sister Faye and the Dreadlocked Vampire" @ Palibra.

Why not go over and check it out!


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