Remembrance of Impounded Fathers: Father’s Day, 2007.

Edwidge DanticatEdwidge Danticat wrote this very moving tribute in the New York Times:

My father died in May 2005, after an agonizing battle with lung disease. This is the third Father’s Day that I will spend without him since we started celebrating together in 1981. That was when I moved to the United States from Haiti, after his own migration here had kept us apart for eight long years.

My father’s absence, then and now, makes all the more poignant for me the predicament of the following fathers who also deserve to be remembered today.

For more of Edwidge’s remembrance in the New York Times, please follow this link:



Stephen Bess said…
I'll have to look at the article. I don't think I had a chance to say Happy Father's Day to you Mr. Philp. I hope it was a nice one.
Thanks, Stephen. It was a nice one with wife and kids. God, I sound so old!

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