Poéfrika Picture Meme

Poefrika memeThe rules of this meme are simple. Look at the snap, what does it inspire you to say? Well, write it then, but only in the form of a poetry verse, and only one line that fits in with the preceding line.

That's it. One line of verse that carries over from the line before, and that is in relation with the picture. Present the poem on your blog as you wish (I've used "font-style: italic; color: rgb(0, 102, 0); font-size:130%" on mine)

The picture is a hut from southern Africa, probably Lesotho, judging by the style.

Please tag only one person who you think will play along. Clearly say/show whom you've tagged so we may easily follow the poem as it builds up. The poem is done when a "tagee" fails to deliver, or when it reaches twenty-five lines. Whichever comes first. It will then be time to vote on a final and last line (twenty-sixth). I'll ask all "tagees" to offer a last line, and I'll put up a poll on Poéfrika so people can vote for the last line.

Once it's done, it will appear here (with credits). And, "tagee," if you don't want to play along, or simply can't, please tell your tagger so that he or she may tag someone else. So here is a line, to which you should add yours, and so on. Don't forget to link to your blog (with the first word of your verse). Visitors are welcome to play along in the comments section. Let us play.

The world waited outside for us. Waited
with moist grass beneath our feet

I'm tagging Stephen


Rethabile said…
Great. Thank you. Stephen was the perfect choice.
david santos said…
Today it is the World-wide day of the child.
Stephen Bess said…
Thank you both for this challenging and fun tag. It is done. Peace~
David, I hope you find Maddie soon.


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