Frank and the Internet

More of our continuing saga in 60 words.


“Frank and the Internet”

Noises at 3 am in the computer room. I went downstairs to cuss. Frank had pushed the furniture into the middle of the room and was sitting calmly.

“This sounds like something out of The Matrix, but the Internet is like God--impersonal, always answering requests. But like Google, you gotta be persistent and specific.”

I went back to bed.


Stephen Bess said…
This is great! Geoffrey, you may have to keep these up because I'm starting to look for them. :) Peace~
Geoffrey Philp said…
Dear Stephen,
Here's the thing. Over the weekend, Frank moved back to live with his mother and on the 28th, he'll be going down to Peru.
I'll miss him and his antics. But I can tell you that while it's fun, its also quite hectic keeping up with him.
Mad Bull said…
Frank sounds like me... ;-)

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