A Hymn for Bree Newsome

How could Bree have known, as the ash from blackened
churches coated monuments that mocked the slaughter
of Charleston’s innocents, who had invited a fiend,
unafraid of the hallowed ground of Africans, into the midst

of their sanctuary where he would spill blood over the pews
and taunt the god who had promised to lift the yoke off
their backs brailled with stripes of the Klan, the midnight
raiders whose flaming crosses had struck terror into the marrow

of her ancestors, yet who remained unbowed and whose voices
rustled through the live oaks surrounding the capitol--
that when she stripped the pole of its stars and bars, the fear

that had held generations would disappear from southern skies?

Image: https://dakrolak.wordpress.com/2015/06/28/comic-book-superhero-freebree/


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