2014 Annual FLASC Symposium Moca @ The Crossroads

2014 Annual FLASC Symposium 

2014 Annual FLASC Symposium  Moca @ The Crossroads

What happens when politics of class and culture collide? 

Saturday, June 14, 2014  |  4 - 8 pm
MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art, NORTH MIAMI
770 NE 125 Street, North Miami, FL 33161

While communities across the United States are becoming more diverse, more globally connected and less territorialized, artistic institutions that are entrenched in frozen concepts of representation, interpretation, communication, programming and access; not only have less relevance within their communities,  but find themselves in conflict with the very people for whom they were created.

Join some of the nations leading art scholars as they present the latest information and ideas and delve into the salient questions:

What role can artists and art institutions play with residents who live in an 
increasingly globalized and continually de-territorialized world? 

How can artists and art institutions organize sociopolitical and cultural 
dis/order with this globalized existence?

Houston Baker
Distinguished Professor, Vanderbilt University

Jessy Benjamin
Kennesaw State University 

Linda Carty
Syracuse University

William Cordova
Artist, Yale University

Margo Natalie Crawford
Cornell University 

Carole Boyce Davies
Cornell University

Jose Gutierrez
Miami Triennial 

Redell Hearn 
John Hopkins University 

Pete Wayne Lewis
University of Massachusetts 

Satya Mohanty
Cornell University   

Nkiru Nzegwu
New York State University at Binghamton

Alfredo Triff
Miami Dade College/University of Miami

For more information, please call  305.893.6511 x 12110


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