Happy Birthday, Brother Bob!

“bob marley in the daycare center” imagines where a reincarnated Bob Marley would choose to work in his next life. 
bob marley in the day care center
when i first glimpsed him, the smile,
as he played peek-a-boo in the communal playpen,
inside the  young president's club, mt. sinai,
after circle time with the toddlers, reading
real-life stories of heroes whose only weapons
were words aimed at the dragon's heart,
they stared, transfixed, at the sound
uncoiling from his mouth like smoke;
he placed them gently on their blue cots
while the older kids built castles with blocks,
unsteady as jericho's wall to the rastaman's song,
then  retreated to the infants' area to sponge bathe
the early risers--he'd burned through life so fast,
he'd never really grown accustomed to this
human softness--no longer the hard, bitter seed
filled with a desperation that couldn't wait to shatter
its shell, like the eucalyptus pods that fell
on the playground where he'd decided
almost a lifetime ago, this time, he'd take it slow.

Happy Earth Day, Brother Bob!


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