Book Review: Disposable People by Ezekel Alan.

Name of the book: Disposable People: Inspired by true events [Kindle Edition]

Author:   Ezekel Alan

Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

What's the book about?
Disposable People is the coming of age novel about Kenny Lovelace, who grew up in a small village in Jamaica-- "that hateful f**king place."

Why am I reading the book?
Disposable People is the Caribbean regional winner of the 2013 Commonwealth Book Prize.

Quote(s)from the book:

"Sometimes he smiled, revealing a set of teeth that a cosmetic dentist looking for a challenge would die for."

"The newly acqired knowledge that ethics was a foreign language that few people spoke turned out to be very enlightening."

"There are some people that, when they smile with the Universe, the Universe smiles back at them, and may even strike up a conversation. There are other people who, when they smile with the Universe, the Universe simply nods a slight acknowledgment. And then there are those people who, when they smile at the Universe, the Universe tells profanity at them like, "What the fuck you smiling at nigga?"

"This is how I came to see, for the first time, not my papa and mama, not my aunts and uncles, not Tommy and Brian and all, but instead just a graveyard full of disposable people, some of whose graves were now being reused to bury the newly dead."

Ezekel Alan is a Jamaican consultant working in Asia. He lives with his wife and kids, and has a good reliable dog. Disposable People is his debut novel which was a Regional Winner for the 2013 Commonwealth Book Prize. Ezekel blogs at

Highly Recommended: 4 1/2 out of 5

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