"The Story of a Reluctant Activist" @ The Good Men Project

“Marcus Garvey,” screamed the dreadlocked woman as she made her way through the crowd toward me.

“Yes,” I answered, figuring she had forgotten my name and latched on to the nearest association.

“I need the name of your children’s book and the exoneration site for Marcus Garvey,” she said and handed me her notepad.

I gave her my business card with the name of my children’s book, Marcus and the Amazons, and a sticker with the web site address for the petition site.

“Thank you for supporting my work,” I said and returned her notepad.

“We should be thanking you for keeping the message of Marcus Garvey alive,” she said. “And I’ll do anything to help a revolutionary brother.”

The phrase struck me. So, this is what I had become? After writing five books of poetry, a novel, two short story collections and two children’s books, I was now a “revolutionary brother”?


Reading that article reminded me of the manner in which Henrietta Vinton Davis joined the Garvey movement.

She eventually became the UNIA International Organizer, Assistant President General and was a Director of the Black Star line. You can read her story here.

Geoffrey Philp said…
Give thanks, Speak Garvey Speak.

Henrietta Vinton Davis was a stalwart in the UNIA.
We need more sisters like her.

One Love,

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