Master Poet: Zandolie

Give thanks to Professor Zero for sharing the work of Zandolie, a master poet in the Kaiso genre. I've been studying Zandolie all week.

Besides the immediately infectious melody, I was impressed by his use of allusions, couplets, and double-entendre to create a plausible narrative with a beginning, middle, and a surprise ending. And it's not a one-time performance. Many younger poets should take note how he demonstrates his skill in other songs such as "Too Much Man Family" and my favorite, "De Iron Man."

Of late, I've been reading many poems that lack this element of surprise. Rhyme is like a springboard where a poet propels her words through time, and we wait in anticipation to see if she will accomplish the complex maneuver.

Zandolie scores a perfect 10 every time.


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