Miami Book Fair International: 2011 Confirmed Authors (Alphabetical)

Alphabetical Listing as of September 30, 2011  

Adam Haslett -   Union Atlantic
Adam Mansbach -   Go the F**k to Sleep
Adrian Castro -   I'm the One with the Blue Cap On by Jeffrey Knapp
Adrian Tomine -   Scenes From an Impending Marriage
Agustin Fernandez Mallo -   Conversaciones trasatlánticas: Encuentro de la Generación del
Crack y La Generación Nocilla
Agustin Fernandez Mallo -   De la voz de los autores: lecturas breves
Aida Levitan, Ph.D. -   The City of Possible Unity
Alan Cheuse -   Songs of Slaves in the Desert
Alan Pauls -   Conversaciones trasatlánticas:La literatura en el cine
Alan Pauls -   De la voz de los autores: lecturas breves
Alberto Muller -   Wordpress:un blog para hablar al mundo, de Yoani Sánchez
Alejandra Ferrezza -   The City of Possible Unity
Alejandro Anreus -   Memento mori
Alex Fumero -   Hialeah Haikus
Alex Nodarse -   Hialeah Haikus
Alexandra Styron -   Reading My Father: A Memoir
Alina Galiano -   Indómitas al sol. Cinco poetas cubanas en NY
Alison Thompson -   The Third Wave
Allan H. Barr -   China in Ten Words
America Manzano -   The City of Possible Unity
Aminatta Forna -   The Memory of Love
Amor Towles -   Rules of Civility
Amy Krouse Rosenthal -
Amy Rennert -   Writers Institute Agent
Amy Waldman -   The Submission
Ana Istarú -   Hombres en escabeche (teatro) (Editorial Costa Rica)
Ana Istarú -   Poesía Escogida
Ana María Cruz -   Foro Cuentas Claras: aprenda a manejar su dinero
Ana Menendez -   Adios, Happy Homeland!
Ana Menendez -   Blue Christmas
Andrea Herrera -   Cuban Artists Across the Diaspora
Andrés Jorge González -   Barcos que se cruzan en la noche
Andrew Carmellini -   American Flavor
Andrew Downes -   Labour Markets in Small Developing States
Andrew Smith -   The Marbury Lens and Stick
Andy Borowitz -   The 50 Funniest American Writers* (*according to Andy Borowitz): A
Humor Anthology from Mark Twain to The Onion
Angel Antonio Moreno -   The City of Possible Unity
Angela Barry -   Goree: Point of Departure
Angela Farris Watkins -   My Uncle Martin's Words for America
Ann Bannon
Ann Hood -   Blue Christmas
Ann Hood -   The Red Thread:  A Novel
Ann Napolitano -   A Good Hard Look:  A Novel
Arturo Rodríguez -   Expo Memento Mori
Belle Yang -   Forget Sorrow: An Ancestral Tale
Ben Cherot -   NAW'LINS
Ben Katchor -   The Cardboard Valise
Beth Ann Fennelly -   Unmentionables: Poems
Beth Brickell -   William and Mary Brickell: Founders of Miami and Fort Lauderdale
Biang Jiang -   Chinese Author Delegation - need titles in English
Bill Clegg -   Portrait of an Addict as a Young Man: A Memoir
Bob Edwards -   A Voice in the Box: My Life in Radio
Bobbie Ann Mason -   The Girl in the Blue Beret
Bonnie Clearwater -   Rita Ackerman
Bradford Morrow -   The Diviner's Tale
Brenda Flanagan -   In Praise of Island Women and Other Crimes
Brian Meeks -   The Thought of New World: The Quest for Decolonisation
Brooke Hauser -   The New Kids:  Big Dreams and Brave Journeys at a High School for
Immigrant Teens
Calvin Trillin -   Quite Enough of Calvin Trillin: Forty Years of Funny Stuff
Campbell McGrath
Caridad Moro -   The City of Possible Unity
Carl Phillips -   Double Shadow: Poems
Carlos Alberto Monaner -   Wordpress:un blog para hablar al mundo, de Yoani Sánchez
Carlos Alberto Montaner -   La mujer del coronel
Carlos Alberto Montaner -   Wordpress:un blog para hablar al mundo, de Yoani Sánchez
Carmela Ciuraru -   Nom de Plume: A (Secret) History of Pseudonyms
Carmen Duarte -   Donde empieza y acaba el mundo
Carmina Trueba -   El intenso aroma del café
Cedella Marley -   One Love
Charles J. Shields -   And So It Goes: Kurt Vonnegut, A Life
Charles Kropke -   South Beach: Stories of a Renaissance
Chef Daniel Orr -   Paradise Kitchen: Caribbean Cooking with Daniel Orr
Chely Lima -   Lucrecia quiere decir perfidia
Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan -   A Tiger in the Kitchen: A Memoir of Food and Family
Chris Wilson -   School of Comics
Christopher Kenneally -   Panel discussion on e books
Christopher Paolini -   Inheritance (The Inheritance Cycle)
Chuck Palahniuk -   Damned
Colleen Houck -   Tiger's Voyage
Colson Whitehead -   Zone One: A Novel
Conor McCreery -   Kill Shakespeare
Cristina Diaz Gonzalez -   The Red Umbrella
Cristina Garcia -   Dreams of Significant Girls
Cyril Pedrosa -   Trois Ombres
D.J. MacHale -   The Black (Morpheus Road)
Da Chen -   Brothers
Damien Lichtenstein -   Discover the Gift
Dan Clowes -   The Death-Ray
Dan Santat -   Sidekicks
Darrell Hammond -   God, If You're Not Up There, I'm F*CKED: Misadventures in Stand-up,
Saturday Night Live, and Other Mind-Altering Mayhem.
Dava Sobel -   A More Perfect Heaven: How Copernicus Revolutionized the Cosmos
Dave Barry -   I'll Mature When I'm Dead
David Brooks -   The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Love, Character, and Achievement
David Unger -   The Price of Escape
Dean Haspiel -   Harvey Pekar/The Pekar Project
Debbie Levy -   The Year of Goodbyes: A True Story of Friendship, Family, and Farewells
Debbie Viguie -   Damned (Crusade series)
Deborah Sharp -   Mama Sees Stars
Deborah Willis -   Posing Beauty:  African American Images from the 1890s to Present
Denis Fortún -   The City of Possible Unity
Denis Kitchen -   Chipboard Sketchbook and Crime Does Not Pay
Diana Abu-Jaber -   Birds of Paradise:  A Novel
Dina Knapp -   I'm the One with the Blue Cap On by Jeffrey Knapp
Dominic Smith -   Bright and Distant Shores
Don Van Natta Jr. -   Wonder Girl: The Magnificent Sporting Life of Babe Didrikson Zaharias
Donna Weir-Soley -   Caribbean Erotica
Dorothy Allison
Dr. Arthur Agatston -   The South Beach Wake-Up Call
Dr. Paul S. George -   The Paths to Justice: The Story of Florida's Eleventh Judicial Circuit
Dr. Silvio Ambrogi -   The City of Possible Unity
Dr. Thierry Brun -   Napoleon's Chinese Spy
Dwayne Booth A.K.A Mr. Fish -   Go Fish
Dyan Cannon -   Dear Cary: My Life with Cary Grant
Edmundo Paz Soldán -   Conversaciones trasatlánticas: El complicado arte del cuento
Edmundo Paz Soldán -   Norte
Edna Buchanan -   A Dark and Lonely Place
Elena Santayana -   Hialeah Haikus
Elena Tamargo -   Días ya vacíos
Elizabeth Berg -   Once Upon A Time, There Was You
Elizabeth Nunez -   Boundaries
Elizabeth Stuckey-French -   The Revenge of the Radioactive Lady
Ellen Hopkins -   Pefect
Ellen Hopkins -   Triangles
Ellen Prager -   Sex, Drugs, and Sea Slime: The Oceans' Oddest Creatures and Why They
Emma Trelles -   Tropicalia
Ena Columbié -   Solitar
Enrique Ros -   Cuba: Mambises nacidos en otras tierras
Eric Dezenhall -   The Devil Himself
Eric Skillman -   Liar's Kiss
Erin McHugh -   The Life
Ernesto Ravelo -   The City of Possible Unity
Esmeralda Santiago -   Conquistadora
Espido Freire -   Conversaciones trasatlánticas: La profundidad de lo superficial
Espido Freire -   De la voz de los autores: lecturas breves
Eucario Bermúdez -   El talento no se jubila
Eugenio Tuya -   Wordpress:un blog para hablar al mundo, de Yoani Sánchez
Eunice Heath-Tate -   When God Wasn't Looking
Farid Matuk -   This Isa Nice Neighborhood
Félix Lizárraga -   The City of Possible Unity
Francisco Corces -   The City of Possible Unity
Francisco Goldman -   Say Her Name:  A Novel
Francisco Martín Moreno -   Arrebatos carnales II
Gabrielle Hamilton -   Blood, Bones & Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef
Gene Luen Yang -   Level Up
Geoffrey Philp -   I'm the One with the Blue Cap On by Jeffrey Knapp
Geoffrey Philp -   Marcus and the Amazons
Gerald Nicosia -   One and Only: The Untold Story of On The Road
Gerald Stern -   Early Collected Poems: 1965-1992
Gerald Stern -   New Jersey Noir
Gilberto Dihigo -   Panel: Racismo en la Cuba actual
Gina Rudan -   Practical Genius: The Real Smarts You Need to get Your Passions and Talents
Working for You
Gordon Rohlehr -   Transgression, Transition, Transformation: Essays in Caribbean Culture
Grace Lin -   Ling and Ting: Not Exactly the Same/The Year of the Rat/The Year of the
Dog/Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
Grace Zong -   Orange Peel's Pocket
Greg Iles -   Rock Bottom Remainders
Guillaume Gueraud -   Sans la tele
Guillermo Lousteau Heguy -   Mesa: Autoritarismo y democracia en América Latina
Gustavo Nielsen -   La otra playa
Harry Belafonte -   My Song: A Memoir
Heather Graham -   Phantom Evil
Hector Tobar -   The Barbarian Nurseries
Helon Habila -   Oil on Water:  A Novel
Henry Cole -   A Nest For Celeste: A Story About Art, Inspiration and the Meaning of Home
Hilda García -   Panel:Escritores hispanos en Estados Unidos
Hillary Jordan -   When She Woke
Hong Ying -   Chinese Author Delegation
Ian Vasquez -   Mr. Hooligan
Inflammation Relief for an Active Life
Iraida Iturralde -   Indómitas al sol.Cinco poetas cubanas en NY
Isabel Wilkerson -   The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration
Jack Harney -   The Millstone Prophecy
Jacquelyn Mitchard -   Second Nature: A Love Story
Jaime Bayly -   El secreto de Alma Rossi
Jaimy Gordon -   Lord of Misrule
James Gleick -   The Information
James Grippando -   Afraid of the Dark
James W. Hall -   Blue Christmas
Jason Shiga -   Empire State:  A Love Story
Jason Skipper -   Hustle
Javier Sierra -   El ángel perdido
Javier Sierra -   The Lost Angel
Jay Edlin -   Grafitti 365
Jeff Abbott -  Adrenaline
Jeff Hirsch -   The Eleventh Plague
Jeff Jensen -   Green River Killer: A True Detective Story
Jeff Kinney -   Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever
Jeff Lindsay -   Double Dexter
Jeff Newelt -   Harvey Pekar/The Pekar Project
Jeffrey Eugenides -   The Marriage Plot: A Novel
Jeffrey Siger -   Prey on Patmos
Jennifer Hayden -   Underwire
Jess Row -   Nobody Ever Gets Lost: Stories
Jessica B. Harris -   High On The Hog: A Culinary Journey from Africa to America
Jessica Martinez -   Virtuosity
Jesús Barquet -   Ediciones el Puente en la Habana de los años 60
Jill Bialosky -   History of s Suicide: My Sister's Unfinished Life
Jim Lehrer -   Tension City
Jim Ottaviani -   Feynman
Jim Rasenberger -   The Brilliant Disaster: JFK, Castro, and America's Doomed Invasion of
Cuba's Bay of Pigs
Jim Ray Daniels -   Tigertail, a South Florida Annual
Jim Ray Daniels -   Trigger Man: More Tales of the Motor City
Joanne Slan -   Make, Take, Murder
Joe McGinniss -   The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin
John Barth -   Every Third Tought
John Connolly -   The Burning Soul
John Connolly -   The Infernals
John Dufresne -   Blue Christmas
John Dufresne -   I'm the One with the Blue Cap On by Jeffrey Knapp
John G. Jacobsen -   A Commodore of Errors
John Hogan -   moderator, comics panel
John Jeremiah Sullivan -   Pulphead: Essays
John R. Schmidt -   The Unraveling: Pakistan in the Age of Jihad
John Sayles -   A Moment in the Sun
John Shableski
Jon Scieszka -   SPHDZ Book #3!
Jonathan Auxier -   Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes
Jonathan Case -   Green River Killer: A True Detective Story
Jonathan M. Hansen -   Guantanamo: An American History
Jorge Castaneda -   Manana Forever
Jorge Ruiz -   Foro Cuentas Claras: aprenda a manejar su dinero
Jorge Volpi -   Conversaciones trasatlánticas: Encuentro de la generación del Crack y la
generación Nocilla
Jorge Volpi -   Leer la mente: el arte del cerebro y la ficción
José Abreu Felippe -   El instante
Jose Alvarez -   Los Alamos del Bosque
José Ignacio Valenzuela -   La mujer infinita
José Luis Muñoz -   Llueve sobre la Habana
José Soroa -   The City of Possible Unity
Joseph Remnant -   Harvey Pekar/The Pekar Project
Joyce Brabner -   Harvey Pekar/The Pekar Project
Joyce Carol Oates -   A Widow
Joyce Carol Oates -   New Jersey Noir
Juan F. Benemelis -   Panel: Racismo en la Cuba actual/El miedo al negro
Juan Gabriel Vásquez -   El ruido de las cosas al caer
Juan J. Almeida -   Panel: Racismo en la Cuba actual
Julie De Grandy -   La elección de Salomón
Julie de Grandy -   The City of Possible Unity
Julie Salaman -   Wendy and the Lost Boys: The Uncommon Life of Wendy Wasserstein
Julie Stav -   Foro Cuentas Claras: aprenda a manejar su dinero
Juliet Eilperin -   Demon Fish:  Travels Through the Hidden World of Sharks
Justin Torres -   We the Animals
Kadir Nelson -   We Are The Ship: The Story of Negro League Baseball
Karen Russell -   Swamplandia!
Kate Whouley -   Remembering the Music, Forgetting the Words: Travels with Mom in the Land
of Dementia
Katharine Weber -   The Memory of All That
Kathi Goldmark -   Rock Bottom Remainders
Kathy Patrick -   The Pulpwood Queens' Tiara Wearing, Book Sharing Guide to Life
Katie Chaple -   Pretty Little Rooms
Kelle Groom -   I Wore the Ocean in the Shape of a Girl
Kelly DiPucchio -   Zombie in Love
Kola Boof -   The Sexy Part of the Bible
Kostya Kennedy -   56: Joe DiMaggio and the Last Magic Number in Sports
Lauren Book -   It's OK to Tell: A Story of Hope and Recovery
Le Roy Clarke -   Voice of a Smouldering Coal
Lee Bennett Hopkins -   Full Moon and Star
Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming -   Immortelle and Bhandaaraa Poems
Leo Selis -   Loco
Leslie Brody -   Irrepressible: The Life and Times of Jessica Mitford
Leslie Marmon Silko -   The Turquoise Ledge
Lev Grossman -   The Magician King:  A Novel
Leylha Ahuile -   Panel:Escritores hispanos en Estados Unidos
Liliana Colanzi -   Vacaciones permanentes
Lin Arison -   Feast of the Senses: A Musical Odyssey in Umbria
Linda Gassenheimer -   Fast and Flavorful: Great Diabetes Meals from Market to Table
Lisa Napoli -   Radio Shangri-La: What I Learned in Bhutan, the Happiest Kingdom on Earth
Li-Young Lee -   Behind My Eyes: Poems
Liza Gyllenhaal -   So Near
Lori Roy -   Bent Road
Lourdes Gil -   Indómitas al sol. Cinco poetas cubanas en NY
Lourdes Vázquez -   La mujer, el pan y el pordiosero
Luis Alberto Lacalle -   Mesa: Autoritarismo y democracia en América Latina
Luis Alberto Urrea -   Queen of America:  A Novel
Luis Hurtado -   Mesa: Autoritarismo y democracia en América Latina
Lynn Schnurnberger -   The Best Laid Plains
Lynne Barrett -   Magpies
Lynne Barrett -   Tigertail, a South Florida Annual
Madeline Cámara -   María Zambrano: Palabras para el mundo
Magali Alabau -   Indómitas al sol.Cinco poetas cubanas en NY
Magda Kraw -   The City of Possible Unity
Manny Miranda -   Foro Cuentas Claras: aprenda a manejar su dinero
Manuel Vasquez Portal -   The City of Possible Unity
Marc Agronin -   How We Age: A Doctor's Journey Into the Heart of Growing Old
Marcela Landres -   Writers Instiute Editor
Marco Ramirez -   Hialeah Haikus
Margaret Cardillo -   Just Being Audrey
Margo Glantz -   Conversaciones trasatlánnticas: La profundidad de lo superficial
Margo Glantz -   De la voz de los autores: lecturas breves
Maria Duenas -   The Time In Between
María Dueñas -   El tiempo entre costuras
María Rosa Lojo -   Bosque de ojos
Mario Andrés Moreno -   Foro Cuentas Claras: aprenda a manejar su dinero
Mark Childress -   Georgia Bottoms
Mark Kalesniko -   Freeway
Mark Kurlansky -   Battle Fatigue
Mark Kurlansky -   Hank Greenberg: A Hero Who Didn't Want to Be One
Mark Kurlansky -   What?
Marlon James -   The Book Of Night Women
Martha Medeiros -   For a de Mim/Outside Myself
Martha Southgate -   The Taste of Salt
Mary Alice Monroe -   The Butterfly's Daughter
Mary L. Zamore -   The Sacred Table: Creating a Jewish Food Ethic
Mary Stanton -   Angel Condemned (A Beaufort & Company Mystery)
Mat Johnson -   Pym
Maureen Seaton -   Sinead O'Connor and Her Coat of a Thousand Bluebirds
Maurice Ferré -   Panel: Racismo en la Cuba actual
Maya Islas -   Indómitas al sol. Cinco poetas cubanas en NY
Megan McDonald -   Judy Moody and Stink series
Meghan O'Rourke -   The Long Goodbye:  A Memoir
Melissa Boyajian -   Lies of the Heart
Michael Bitz -   Manga High: Literacy, Identity, and Coming of Age in an Urban High School
(Harvard Education Press) and When Commas Meet Kryptonite: Classroom Lessons from the
Comic Book Project (Teachers College Press
Michael Connors -   Splendor of Cuba
Michael Haskins -   Free Range Institution
Michael Hettich -   I'm the One with the Blue Cap On by Jeffrey Knapp
Michael Hettich -   The Animals Beyond Us
Michael Kupperman -   Mark Twain's Autobiography: 1910-2010
Michael Moore -   Here Comes Trouble: Stories from My Life
Michael Morris
Michael Ondaatje -   The Cat's Table
Mireya Mayor -   Pink Boots and a Machete: My Journey From NFL Cheerleader to National
Geographic Explorer
MK Reed -   Americus
Nadja Sailesman -   Teacher/School of Comics
Nancy Álvarez -   Nancy, ¿qué hago?
Nancy Holder -   Damned (Crusade series)
Nathan Larson -   The Dewey Decimal System
Neil de la Flor -   Sinead O'Connor and Her Coat of a Thousand Bluebirds
Neil Plakcy -   Mahu Blood
Nell Irvin Painter -   The History of White People
Nelson George -   The Plot Against Hip Hop
Néstor Díaz de Villegas -   Cuna del pintor desconocido
Nicole Krauss -   Great House
Nicole Mary Kelby -   White Truffles in Winter
Norma Watkins -   The Last Resort: Taking the Mississippi Cure
Opal Adisa -   Painting Awat Regrets
Orlando Rossardi -   The City of Possible Unity
P.J. Parrish -   The Killing Song
Pablo Medina -   The Man Who Wrote on Water
Pat MacEnulty -   Wait Until Tomorrow: A Daughter's Memoir
Patricia Engel -   Vida
Patricia Intriago -   Dot
Patricia Poleo -   Fugitiva
Paul Buhle -   Yiddishkeit: Jewish Vernacular and the New Land
Paul Farmer -   Haiti After the Earthquake
Paul Levine -   Lassiter
Pedro Corzo -   Cuba: Desplazados y pueblos cautivos
Peter Filkins -   Panorama
Peter Godwin -   The Fear: Robert Mugabe and the Martyrdom of Zimbabwe
Peter Selgin -   Confessions of a Left-Handed Man
Plinio Apuleyo Mendoza -   Entre dos aguas
Quing Yi -   Chinese Author Delegation
Ramabai Espinet -   The Swinging Bridge (novel) and Nuclear Seasons (poetry)
Randall Kennedy -   The Persistence of the Color Line: Racial Politics and the Obama
Randall Robinson -   Makeda
Raquel Rabade Roque -   The Cuban Kitchen:  500 Simple, Stylish and Flavorful Recioes
Raúl Eduardo Chao -   Jimaguayú
Ravi Shankar -   Deepening Groove
Ricardo Cortes -   Go the F**k to Sleep
Ricardo Cravo Albin -   Vinicius De Moraes
Richard Friedman -   The Bible Now
Richard Graham -   Government Issue:  Comicxs for the People, 1940s-2000s
Ridley Pearson -   Kingdom Keepers IV: Power Play
River Jordan -   Praying for Strangers: An Adventure of the Human Spirit
Robert K. Massie -   Catherine the Great
Robert Leleux -   The Living End: A Family Memoir of Forgetting and Forgiving
Robert Olen Butler -   A  Small Hotel:  A Novel
Robert Pinsky -   New Jersey Noir
Robert Sabuda -   Chanukah Lights
Robert Venditti -   The Homeland Directive
Rodolfo Martinez Sotomayor -   The City of Possible Unity
Rodrigo de la Luz -   The City of Possible Unity
Rodrigo Hasbún -   El lugar del cuerpo
Rolando Tarajano -   Sexo Salvaje
Rosalind Brackenbury -   Becoming George Sand
Rosanne Cash -   Composed: A Memoir
Rose Lewis -   Orange Peel's Pocket
Rosemary Harris -   Slugfest
Roy Peter Clark -   HELP! FOR WRITERS: 210 Solutions to theProblems Every Writer Faces
Rubí Arana -   The City of Possible Unity
Russell Banks -   Lost Memory of Skin
S.J. Rozan -   New Jersey Noir
Sam Barry -   Rock Bottom Remainders
Sandra Balzo -   Running On Empty
Sandra Beasley -   Don't Kill The Birthday Girl:  Tales From an Allergic Life
Sandra Beasley -   I Was The Jukebox: Poems
Sandra Gutierrez -   The New Southern-Latino Table
Sandra Rodriguez Barron -   Stay With Me: A Novel
Sarah Dessen -   What Happened to Goodbye
Sarah Glidden -   How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less
Scott Turow -   Rock Bottom Remainders
Selwyn Ryan
Sen. Robert Graham -   Keys to the Kingdom
Senator George McGovern -   What it Means To Be A Democrat
Sergio Ramírez -   Conversaciones trasatlánticas: El complicado arte del cuento
Sergio Ramírez -   La fugitiva
Seth S -   The Great Northern Brotherhood of Canadian Cartoonists
Shajen Joy Aziz -   Discover the Gift
Shara McCallum -   This Strange Land
Sharon Potts -   Someone's Watching
Siddhartha Deb -   The Beautiful and the Damned: A Portrait of the New India
Silvia Núñez del Arco -   Hay una chica en mi sopa
Stephanie Leduc -   Les aventures de Titi Krapouti et Cie
Sterling Watson -   Fighting in the Shade
Steve Inskeep -   Instant City:Life and Death in Karachi
Steve Sem-Sandberg -   The Emperor of Lies
Sunny Chen -   Mona Lisa Eclipsing (A Novel of the Monere)
Susan Briante -   Utopia Minus
Susan Orlean -   Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend
T.M. Shine -   Nothing Happens Until It Happens to You
Tasha Alexander -   A Crimson Warning (Lady Emily series)
Tayari Jones -   Silver Sparrow
Tea' Obreht -   The Tiger's Wife
Teresita Herrera Muiña -   The City of Possible Unity
Terry Walters -   Clean Start
Thierry Labrosse -   Ab Irato
Tim Dorsey -   When Elves Attack: A Joyous Christmas Greeting from the Criminal Nutbars of
the Sunshine State
Todd Zuniga -   Literary Death Match
Tom Angleberger -   Darth Paper Strikes Back: An Origami Yoda Book
Tom Franklin -   Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter: A Novel
Tom Hayden -   Panel: 50th Anniversary of Port Huron
Tom Lichtenheld -   E-mergency!
Tommy Greenwald -   Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Not Reading
Travis Denton -   The Burden of Speech
Vera Brosgol -   Anya's Ghost
Verene Shepherd -   Livestock, Sugar & Slavery: Contested Terrain in Colonial Jamaica
Vicente Molina Foix -   Conversaciones trasatlánticas: La literatura en el cine
Vicente Molina Foix -   De la voz de los autores: lecturas breves
Victoria Griffith -   The Fabulous Flying Machines of Alberto Santos-Dumont
Victoria Ruiz Labrit -   Panel:Racismo en la Cuba actual
Vijay Dr. Vad -   Stop Pain:
Wayne Wiegand -   Florida Book Awards Panel Moderator
Wilfredo Guibert -   Panel: Racismo en la Cuba actual
Will Potter -   Green is the New Red
Will Potter -   Green is the New Red
William Kennedy -   Chango's Beads and Two-Toned Shoes
Yang Lianke -   Chinese Author Delegation
Yu Hua -   China in Ten Words
Zhu Wen -   Chinese Author Delegation


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