The Marcus Garvey Rootz Extravaganza: Recap

By Jabulani Tafari

The highlight of the 2011 Marcus Garvey Rootz Extravaganza was billed as “An Evening with the Family of Heroes”, and took place back at Carter Park in Fort Lauderdale starting at 7.00 p.m. on Saturday, August 20, 2011.

The Black Heroes Family Affair featured Dr. Julius W. Garvey MD, son of Pan-African patriarch Marcus Garvey, as the guest of honor and keynote speaker, together with guest speaker, Dr. Umar Abdullah Johnson, great, great, great grand nephew of African-American abolitionist and statesman, Frederick Douglass.

At the event local author and college lecturer,Geoffrey Philp, presented Dr. Garvey with the names of over 12-hundred people who have added their signatures to an online petition on his blog calling for Marcus Garvey’s exoneration of criminal charges.

Dr. Garvey has also been in the forefront of the ingoing drive to have his father exonerated of fabricated mail fraud conspiracy charges that led to his imprisonment in Atlanta and eventual deportation to Jamaica in 1927. For an eye-witness account of the event, follow the link below.

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Exonerate Marcus Garvey

To be delivered to President Barack Obama


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