New Opportunity for Writers:Secret Identities Volume 2: Shattered

In the story “Driving Steel” (from Secret Identities), Fo Jim Saan, a Chinese laborer on the First Transcontinental Railroad, shatters negative stereotypes along with rail ties. (Drawn by Benton Jew.) 

Credit: Jeff Yang and Benton Jew

The Vilcek Foundation is pleased to announce its support of Secret Identities Volume 2: Shattered,  scheduled for publication in 2012.  Shattered will feature all new comic  stories and art that build upon the tales first presented in Secret Identities: The Asian American  Superhero Anthology, a best-selling title for non-profit publisher The New  Press.

“The Vilcek Foundation is constantly  seeking new ways to highlight the diverse range of immigrant contributions to  American culture,” said President and Co-Founder Dr. Jan T. Vilcek.  “We couldn’t have thought of a better vehicle  than Shattered, which not only brings  the history of Asians in America to the forefront of pop culture, but showcases  the work of Asian American artists and writers as well in its production.” 

The Vilcek Foundation, dedicated to  celebrating the contributions of immigrants in the arts and sciences, is  supporting the production of Shattered with a grant to facilitate the editorial process.  Like Secret  Identities, Shattered will be created as a collaboration between artists,  writers, and fans; for a limited time, editors will be accepting story pitches  and evaluating artists’ portfolios.

Unlike the first volume, which  viewed the Asian American experience through the lens of the superhero myth,  Shattered will focus on other comic genres - from hard-boiled pulp to martial  arts, adventure and science fiction - to explore stereotypes of Asians in  America – both negative and positive. “In  the first volume, we focused on using superheroes as a lens through which to  expose and celebrate Asian American history and culture.  This time, we wanted to expand our  perspective to the darker side of the Secret  Identities universe,” said Education Director and Editor at Large Keith  Chow.  “We want to use the various archetypes  of the villain to upend, reimagine – to shatter – distorted images that have  shadowed Asian Americans since the earliest days of our arrival in this  country.”

For  more information about the Vilcek Foundation, please contact Joyce Li at (212)  472-2500, or at  For more  information on Secret Identities,  please email Jeff Yang at or Keith  Chow at; for  details on how to submit story pitches, visit to  download Contributors' Guidelines.

The  Vilcek Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of the contributions of  immigrants to the sciences, arts, and culture in the United States.  The Foundation achieves its mission through  hosting immigrant artists and performers at its gallery space in New York City,  awarding annual prizes in the biomedical sciences and the arts and humanities,  and sponsoring cultural programs such as The Santa Fe Opera and the Hawaii  International Film Festival.

Contact:  Joyce Li
(212)  472-2500 or
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