Save the Date: Sunday, March 28, 200

The Rope and the Cross on Palm Sunday 

On Palm Sunday, March 28, 2010, at 5 p.m., the Episcopal Church of the Holy Family, 18501 NW 7th Avenue, Miami Gardens, will present a special staging of Easton Lee's award winning play, The Rope and the Cross. 

Award winning dub poet and actor Malachi Smith joins the talented Holy Family Church cast as the shepherd for the one night performance. While living in Jamaica, Malachi appeared in many plays including Romeo and Juliet, Flat Mate, Unsung Heroes out West, What the Wine Sellers Buy, etc., and in the USA, he appeared in Yankee Affair and Baby Father.

Andy Williams plays Jesus; Patrick Brown plays Judas; Marie Gill, Judas’ mother; Lavern Johnson, Mary; Carlo Callwood, John; Shontonna Wray, Sarah; Stacey Silvera, story teller; George Wilson, Pilate; Walter Wray, Herod, and the soldiers are: Desmond Smith, Nathan Mott, Jessie Ponder, Adrien Goffe, and Robert Goffe.

Father Easton Lee, C.D.,playwright and set designer, will also direct the play. The musical director is Ashworth Mathews and the production coordinators are Peta-Gaye Fancy and Marie Minto. Gwen McLean and Jean Lee designed the costumes.

The performance is free to the public.


Further Info: Holy Family Church (305) 934-5392.
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