Book Launch: Dog-Heart @ Bookophilia, March 26, 2010

“Dog-Heart –the tale of a child caught in the clash between the two Jamaicas.”

Diana McCaulay, former newspaper columnist and well-known environmental activist has turned a new page in her career with the 2010 release of her first novel Dog-Heart. Published by Peepal Tree Press, who has a reputation for publishing works of excellence by Caribbean writers like Kwame Dawes and Jan Carew, Dog Heart is a stunning new book that leaves you wondering what else this writer is capable of.

The novel tells the story of the well-meaning attempt of a middle class Jamaican single-mother to transform the life of a boy from the inner city. The book is fast paced and absorbing, full of realistic drama and action as it plays out in present-day Kingston. The novel deals seriously with issues of race, class, taking responsibility for social change and the complexity of relationships between people of different backgrounds. By telling the story in the voice of both the boy, Dexter and the woman, Sahara, Dog-Heart effortlessly highlights the “two Jamaicas” that coexist in one small space.

Diana explained that she wrote her first story at the age of 7 and since then, always wanted to become a writer. When asked what she would say to those who might say that a woman from the upper middle-class had no “right” to tell this story in the voice of Dexter, Diana replied, “What I would want to know from readers is whether the story works. Did they believe Dexter, did they hear him and feel his world? If they did, then it worked.”

The launch of Dog-Heart is scheduled for 6:30 pm on March 26, 2010 at Bookophilia the bookstore located at 92 Hope Road. Bookophilia owner Andrea Dempster commented; “Diana has in one fell swoop placed herself firmly on the list of new writers to watch in the Caribbean. This is the kind of book that we love - it’s easy to read and so thought-provoking. I’m really happy to be able to invite everyone to come and hear her tell the story of Sahara and Dexter on Friday night.”

Diana McCaulay is the Chief Executive Officer of the Jamaica Environment Trust, and is an outspoken advocate for Jamaica’s natural environment. She also wrote a popular opinion column for the Gleaner for many years and her short stories have been published by the journal Caribbean Writer. She writes a blog called SnailWriter at Dog-Heart in manuscript form was the Gold Medal Winner in the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission’s 2008 creative Writing Competition. She will also be the recipient of an award at the Amazing Woman Awards Ceremony in May 2010.

Praise for Dog-Heart

“The expendability of life in the ghetto and the perpetual injustice meted out to its inhabitants by the state and so-called civil society lie at the heart of this tale of post-colonial darkness…McCaulay showcases her formidable writing skills in this ambitious, heart-breaking work to excellent effect…the mirror McCaulay relentlessly holds up doesn’t let anyone off the hook, least of all those who read this book without flinching.”
~Annie Paul, University of the West indies, Mona, Kingston

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