Caribbean Poetry Night @ Morella Art Gallery

Ricardo Pau-Llosa at Morella Art Gallery
After much planning and prayers, the poetry series at the Morella Art Gallery began with Caribbean Poetry Night on December 13, 2008.

It was a pleasure to read with Ricardo Pau-Llosa and to share with the audience the work of poets from the Anglophone and Hispanophone Caribbean whose poems we admire or in some way influenced our development as writers.

I began with excerpts from Twelve Poems and A Story for Christmas and read poems by Dennis Scott, Anthony McNeill, Lorna Goodison, Pam Mordecai, and Kei Miller. Ricardo read from his latest collection, Parable Hunter, and the poems of Belkis Cuza Malé, Heberto Padilla, José Lezama Lima, Margara Russotto, Vicente Gerbasi, and J. G. Cobo Borda.

Morella Art Gallery, which hosts an impressive array of Naïve art, will soon be unveiling a year round schedule of events and exhibitions for the next calendar year.

For more photos of this event, please follow this link: Caribbean Poetry Night @ Morella Art Gallery.



clarabella said…

Good to see you out and about spreading the Word and especially celebrating Dennis as your mentor and gift-giver on the second day of Christmas! Thanks too for reading my poetry! It is a privilege to be celebrated by you. 1Love. Pam
I don't know ,Pam. But this Christmas is leaving me with such a sense of gratitude. It was good to read your poems with Dennis's, Tony's, Lorna's and Kei's. It felt soooooo good.


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