Riding out Fay

Now that hurricanes have become part of the perennial cycle of South Florida, they have become part of my rituals of reflection.

So much has happened since Andrew, but Fay looks as if she is going to be more of a rain maker.

The house is much quieter now--we're battened down and ready for the storm.

For now, all is well while the rain beats against the shutters.



clarabella said…
There's a Fay? Didn't know! Good to know you're back home and battened down. Just saying thanks directly, so to speak, for supporting Jahworld. I'm trying to keep at it, and slowly, improve what's up there. P&L
Yeah, lots of rain and solitude.
Dave Lucas said…
Hang in there, Geoffrey!
Jdid said…
stay safe
Rethabile said…
Keep safe.
Give thanks, JDID & Rethabile!
Thank God things are quieting down and all we had to deal with was the rain and the wind. Hope you and your family are safe and well. See you soon, too.
FSJL said…
Stay safe down there.
Give thanks, Fragano!
Fay came and left and now it's back to school.
We'll see what she's done tomorrow.

stay safe, i hope it's all blown over by now without damage...
Dear Crafty,

Fay has blown over and we begin another school year.

Mad Bull said…
Rahtid! I feel like is long time I doah hear from the I! Iwas about to send out search parties, bredrin! Anyway good to hear your voice. Glad Fay didn't bother you too much.

By the way, I notice that my choices are imited in posting comments here! If I don't have an open ID or have a blogger/gmail account, my goose is cooked! @ other blogger accounts, I can type a name and a url of my choice. Perhaps you should consider configuring your blog to allow that, especially since Big Brother (blogger) doesn't allow me to use my blogger account and point to my real blog.... I'm just sayin'...
Mad Bull,

Yeah, long time no hear. I'll be back in full force two weeks from now.

I'm experimenting with the Open ID and if you say I should try another means, then I will make it so.

Give thanks,
Stephen Bess said…

Are you still standing strong? I know you are. Plus, the sun is shining. How are things? We're getting all the rain today.
Hey, Stephen. I'm standing firm.

I'll be back to blogging on Monday.

Have a great weekend, brother.


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