Happy Valentine's Day!


(For Nadia)

After every party in our house
when the reggae, reggaeton, R&B
have exhausted the younger couples,
and they sit separately to cool down,
I want to dance with you,
the way our friends, Miguel and Ramona,
who have made a promise,
that despite their struggle
with lawyers, bill collectors, and cancer,
they will never leave each other,
and whenever the bachata begins--
we stop to watch how
he will catch her--
she spins out of his arm’s reach
they pass like strangers,
but then his hand
finds the small of her back,
her legs quiver to the old music,
and they are partners in time
with the rhythm, once more.



S Bess said…
Beautiful poem! Happy Valentine to you and your lovely family. Peace~
Thanks, Stephen.
The same to you and your family, my brother.
ooooh....i LOVE this poem.

reminds me of a wedding reception i went to in Jamaica (NY) with my beloved. when the riddim's up & people are drinking & whining & holding each other close...nothing else matters but you & your lover.

Yes! Isn't that all that matters?

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