Summer Haiku

Honeysuckle’s breath
drawls the Suwannee’s languid prose—
the joys of summer.



Douglas said…
A delicious haiku!
Geoffrey Philp said…
Give thanks, Douglas!
Jersey Girl said…
Wow, beautiful!
Geoffrey Philp said…
Give thanks, Jersey girl!
Oh honeysuckle's breath! Beautiful evocation of summer!
Geoffrey Philp said…
Give thanks,Crafty Green Poet
Alan Summers said…
Honeysuckle's breath
drawls the Suwannee's languid prose
the joys of summer.

There was a lot of symbols so I don't know if I got your haiku quite right.

Feel free to post it on my site via the comments section.

Hmmmm, honeysuckle breath, I like that!

night jasmine
trying to find it
the half yellow moon

Alan Summers
Cornell University, Mann Library, U.S.A.
"Daily Haiku poet"
October 2001

all my best,


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