Here We Go Again!

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Other Miami Blogs to read until the lights go out:

On the lighter side, we’re stocking up on the gas and hoping the lights don’t go out and all the usual drama surrounding a hurricane. I’ll be getting the usual hurricane supplies: Appleton, water, bully beef, hard dough bread, crackers, candles, and matches. And in that order.


FuzzyJefe said…
I got a good laugh from the order of your hurricane supply purchases! I suppose the Appleton helps to pass the time during the storm or its supply may be scarce after the storm! Thanks for visiting Brave New Word! Likkle more, Jeff
Stephen Bess said…
I think that I saw some of the report on the Weather Channel. Be safe brother.

God's blessings~

Geoffrey Philp said…
Stephen, my wife, the kids and I put up the shutters. Made the house secure. There is nothing more that we can do.We will do as we have always done from Andrew till now--ride out the storm. This is what it means to live in the cone of uncertainty--Life in South Florida.
Give thanks for the love and the concern.
1 Heart,

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