Frank's Story

I’d said that I was going to stop with these 60 word short stories, but this is what happens when your crazy brother-in-law moves in with you. I realize now that I won’t get a lot of work that I want to get done, so I might as well just enjoy his company while he’s here.

“Frank’s Story”

When I found Frank, he was wasted.
“How much longer are you going to do this to yourself?”
“The universe,” he slurred, “once you recognize the building blocks is built on a series of yes/no switches. I’m just trying to find the right switch.”
I turned away in disgust, feeling less than pity.




Stephen Bess said…
lol! It's funny how spiritual folks are when they are high. :)He sounds a lot like one of my brothers. You may not get much done while he's there, but you get plenty of material to write about. Peace~
Geoffrey Philp said…
Stephen, you may be right. I thinks he's the most spiritual one in the family. Areally deep man. BTw, he's the son in "Woman hold her head and cry" which is why he's living with us for this short time.


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