Fidel Castro and Hurricane Chris

I couldn't resist this one. Even Hurricane Chris is looking for Fidel.

There should be Technorati Tags like these:

Donde esta Fidel?
Fidel afuera
Buscando Fidel
Para donde va, Fidel?
Ay, Carajo!

But more importantly, the media should answer these questions:

Will Fidel be showing up on milk cartons?
Should we institute a Fidel Alert system for the highways?
Are Fidel, 2Pac, and Elvis planning a comeback tour in Las Vegas?
My trusted media sources, Jim Screechy and Van Doolu, tell me that they will be playing under the name, "The Three Amigos")


FSJL said…
¿Qué carajo tiene ese huracán?
FSJL said…
Jim Screechy and Van Doolu? What happened to Tom Strokes the samfie man par excellence?
Dancewithme2 said…
Too FUNNY. Milk Cartons? Hilarious.

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