The Story of an Album

I checked over at Mad Bull, and found an interesting challenge: to create a story in sixty words. It may not fit in with my usual stories or the diaspora or maybe it does. Either way, here goes, Mad Bull!

I secretly envied Frank because he always had money and could travel to exotic places, yet he always seemed to be lost. After his latest trip, however, I was surprised to see him looking over our family album.
“So, have you found yourself?”
“Life is not about finding yourself; it’s about creating yourself.”
He smiled and closed the album.



Mad Bull said…
Interesting. I suppose he is right too. I agree, as we go through, we are really creating rather than finding ourselves.
Geoffrey Philp said…
Th trick is, as the Rastaman would say, to know and to be a conscious creator.
Guyana-Gyal said…
I very much like. Very, very much. I think too, we must understand the self before we re-create it.
Guyana-Gyal said…
...Ahhh, which is basically what you just said in your comment, Geoffrey...because understanding is knowing...
Geoffrey Philp said…
Yes, my sister. Give thanks!

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